For veterans and workers of the rear of the Second World war free travel on all rail links


Social Development Foundation «Samruk-KazynaTrust» together with JSC «Passenger transportation» report on the action of a special action that will allow veterans and workers of the rear of the great Patriotic war to use the services of rail transport for free.

The action operates within the framework of the Republican social and charitable project «Zhenis».

According to the terms of the campaign, veterans and home front workers are given the opportunity to travel free of charge in all directions carried out by JSC «Passenger transportation» within the Republic of Kazakhstan and CIS countries. Participants and invalids of the great Patriotic war are allocated seats in compartment cars of trains of all categories, including in cars of class «Tourist» and specialized compartments for persons with disabilities in trains of the company «Talgo».

In addition, the formation of JSC «Passenger transportation» for veterans of the Second World war in the trains will be provided with free food.

To obtain tickets for this promotion, you must submit to the ticket office the original identity document and a certificate of a veteran or a worker of the rear of the Second World war.

When traveling to the CIS countries, travel documents (tickets) are issued at sales points located only in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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