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Acceptance of applications for consideration for receiving charitable assistance is carried out after providing the necessary documents provided for by the Rules. Good luck!

If you have any questions about filling out Applications № 3-6, 10, 11, 14, 15 in the "Appeals" section - contact the managers of the project management department by contacts: 8 7172 57 65 41, 57 63 05, 24 86 83, 24 94 13, 57 69 89, 24 80 13, 57 10 90.

If you have any questions about filling out Appendices No. 7, 12, 13, 15 and/or detecting technical problems when making an application on the website, contact the managers of the Corporate Communications department by contacts: 8 7172 57 69 37, 24 80 15, 57 66 02, 57 69 37.

Stages of application submission and review

1 шаг
Submitting an application on the portal and/or
by corporate mail info@sk-trust.ibitrix.kz
2 шаг
Verification of the provided
package of documents
3  шаг
Formation of conclusions
by structural divisions
Within 15 working days after
registration of the application
4  шаг
Consideration of the application
by the Board of Trustees
5 шаг
Notification of the decision

Submit an application

    Cover letter(*.pdf)
    Appeal for charitable assistance (*.pdf)
    Copies of constituent documents (*.pdf)
    Certificate of a registered (re-registered) legal entity with Egov (*.pdf)
    A copy of the signatory's identity document (*.pdf)
    A copy of the decision of the authorized body of the user on the appointment of the first head, the order (*.pdf)
    Visual presentation of the project in the form of a presentation (*.pdf)
    Reference of the second-tier bank(*.pdf)
    Project cost estimate (in one pdf) (*.pdf)
    Charity project implementation plan (*.pdf)
    Information support plan for the charity project (*.pdf)

    It is drawn up in any form in the name of the General Director of the CF "Samruk-Kazyna Trust"

    Fill out Appendix No. 2 to the Rules

    The Charter with all amendments and additions to it; the founding agreement (if any)

    Received no later than 10 calendar days before the date of submission of the application

    A copy of the signatory's identity document

    Or a power of attorney (if the documents are not signed by the head of the user's executive body)

    No more than 5 pages or a link to a video clip (no more than 3 minutes).

    Confirming the opening/availability of a bank account in tenge for cash flow control

    Fill out Appendix No. 3 to the Rules), including: - an explanatory note, - a transcript (calculations) of expenditure items, - at least 3 (three) price offers for the purchase of goods, works and services / screenshots from online stores (except when the service is unique, or there are copyrights, or the supplier is an official distributor, that is, the provision of alternatives is not possible possible); - other supporting documents of each article, if necessary (Appendix No. 4 to the Rules) in compliance with the regulations (Appendix No. 5 to the Rules);

    Fill in Appendix No. 6 of the Rules, which includes activities (stages), deadlines, resources, forecast performance indicators for each event (stage)

    Fill in Appendix No. 7 of the Rules containing the deadline, target audiences, main tasks, list of activities, communication channels, description and expenses aimed at implementing the information support plan